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What is App store optimization? What are the 5 benefits of app store optimization?

Optimization is a word we often hear when we are creating a product or service which is supposed to be sold through online platforms. We are familiar with SEO the most but there is something known as App store optimization too. If you have apps listed on the app store, you need to optimize them for them to be visible on the App Store. SEO works for web browsers and has a lot of aspects it takes into consideration for ranking websites and blogs. ASO has fewer aspects and guidelines when compared to ASO.

What is app store optimization?

App store optimization is used to increase the visibility of any app in app stores like Play Store for Android and Apple store.

Why should we do for app store optimization?

App store optimization is necessary for visibility foremost. By app optimization, you are increasing organic downloads for your app and increasing your user base. There is a thing called click-through rate (CTR) for which you will have to convince your users to click on your app when they see it on their play store. For this, you will need to optimize your app name, title, icon, screenshot, and ratings. Once they click on it you should be able to convince them to download your app which is also a part of ASO.

Why is it important to incorporate ASO for app growth?

There are millions of apps listed on the play store. You potentially have a lot of competitors. ASO is important to gain visibility and get app downloads. ASO will help you stand out in the pool of apps we are provided with. It also assists you in getting your apps discovered by your target audience.

Here are 5 benefits of having an app store optimization strategy:-

●     Helping you set up a loyal user base.

ASO helps in getting you discovered by your target audience as well as a loyal customer base. These are the people who will download your app, use it, and make in-app purchases too. Making your app reach the target audience will help you in getting discovered.

●     Improve your visibility

Visibility is important for your app. App optimization helps you in improving the visibility of your app. Visibility is the core aspect that will bring your app success.

●     Gain organic downloads

Organic downloads will also bring you your needed success. A strong ASO strategy will help you in getting organic reach and installations and will come in helpful in the longer run.

●     Less user acquisition costs

By using an ASO strategy you can cut your cost on promotional ads for your app. ASO proves to give you consistent growth with lesser costs.

●     Increase in App revenue and conversion rates

If you spend on ads but are not getting enough downloads you are wasting your money on these ads. App store optimization includes a process that is known as conversion rate optimization.

ALSO has many benefits which will help you get more downloads and monetize through your app.

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