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How to Patent an App Idea – Know Everything About It

Are you prepared with an amazing mobile app idea yet concerned that someone could copy it and then apply it before you know? If so, then no need to worry anymore.

You can patent your mobile application concept, copyright, or even trademark the idea. It will allow you to safeguard your app from being copied. Many entrepreneurs and startup owners have patented their mobile apps to keep others from copying the concept.

Additionally, you need to ensure that your idea for an app is distinctive and original, or else your hard work could be wasted if it is similar to an existing application.

Today, we’re here to provide a comprehensive guide on the process of patenting an app idea that includes every vital element.

Patenting A Mobile App Idea – What Does It Means

Patents are intellectual property that protects your app’s concepts from non-consensual or unauthorised use. In addition, it prevents others from selling or altering it because you are the sole owner of the app idea. In addition, registering your mobile app will guarantee that nobody destroys the idea behind your app or earns money by claiming credit in the incorrect way for your entire concept.

Why Patent An App Idea?

As your exclusive intellectual property, your app’s idea is a guarantee of safety. If you have a valid patent, You will have the power to seek the compensation of anyone who tries to break current patent laws.

These are the main reasons why it’s important to invent mobile apps.

  • Legally, you may charge each clone you create of your app before or after.
  • Furthermore, a patent legally confirms the uniqueness and originality of your mobile app concept.
  • There is no way to ruin the idea of a mobile app economically.

Different Types of Patent Applications

Provisional Application

A Provisional Patent Application is the most popular method of patenting an idea for an app. It is usually the first method that most app development companies begin with when they apply for patents.

In the case of a provisional patent, you can submit without an official patent claim, declaration, or any other information disclosure statement.

Non-Provisional Application

In the event of having to talk about the non-provisional application for patents, it is possible to apply without claiming any priority for applications filed in a country that is a convention or with no reference to the application that is currently being processed in the office. It is known as a non-provisional application.

It is essential to have a complete description and claims. The non-provisional patent application should include an unwritten description of the invention and the minimum of one legal claim, which establishes the metes and boundaries for the idea.

How To Know Whether Your App Idea Is Patented Or Not?

You must determine if a third party has already licensed your idea. To do that, you’ll have to examine all related ideas for applications that are either commercialised or in the process of being patented. The state or country you reside in has an operational database in which this information is safely stored and easily accessible.

In addition, you could study your International Patent Classification (IPC) Catchword Index of the World Intellectual Property Organisation ( WIPO) that holds information relevant to different international patents. This way, you’ll keep up to date with the process of patenting an idea for an app.

When To File For A Patent?

Patents for app ideas are granted to the person who first filed a patent for it and not to the person who first thought of it. This is why entrepreneurs and startups opt to file a provisional application before releasing the necessary information publicly.

There are a variety of patent attorneys who will advise you to patent your app concept before discussing or discussing the idea with potential investors.

The criteria for obtaining a patent

In general, the patent rights of the application will be determined by three important factors.

  • It must be an invention: Patents are protected by law to protect inventions made by any group or individual individuals. The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) grants patents to the inventor and will provide any issue. A mobile application is not an object; however, it’s an invention. Therefore, it is feasible and necessary to get an invention patent.
  • You must present a fresh and innovative app idea If your app can help address any issue or provide a means to interact with your customers; however, this does not suggest that your app can be granted a patent. The concept used in your app must be unique and not obvious.
  • To make it simple, the app’s concept must not be made available to anyone in any format, such as books, patents pending video, articles, and applications are just a few examples. Furthermore, the app must be distinctive and unique. Even if you’re using an already available application on the marketplace, there should be some distinctive features to differentiate the application.
  • The app must be certified and useful. The patent should be valid and effective from multiple angles. But this does not mean that the idea isn’t considered in any manner.
  • The application should be based on some specific theory. It would limit others from submitting a patent application because it is beneficial. Therefore, the application designed with greater concentration and an elaborate explanation asserts ownership.

How much will you pay for patenting the app?

In general, the cost of the patenting process for an application will depend on the application you want to patent. For preliminary patents, the price is typically between $2000 and $5000.

When you’ve completed filling out your provisional patent, you can make and be prepared to launch your application. A provisional patent lasts for a whole year, and you can use this application to measure the success of the application in launching and making use of it.

If you are thinking about applying for a non-provisional patent, the cost could be anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000. If you submit the parent’s name, the company will review the application.

The process could take three years if the examiner must thoroughly look over the various components of the applications.

How To Patent A Mobile App Idea – Steps To Follow

We will now examine the steps we need to follow to patent a mobile application concept.

Hire & Consult With A Patent Lawyer

To present a well-crafted high-end, premium patent and increase the chance of having your patent application accepted, you should employ and speak with an expert patent attorney who has an extensive amount of expertise.

Patenting is a legal procedure that can include legal proceedings. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult an expert despite trying to do the task yourself. Therefore, do your research and seek out the top and the most affordable.

Bring An Idea Into Reality

The court will always require evidence. Therefore, to grant patents for your app concept, you must be prepared with documents of the entire development process. In addition, you could build an app prototype to understand the specifics of its process.

It can assist your attorney in understanding the flowchart for the app since it’s not the code that’s patentable rather the process and function of your app that require patenting.

Conduct A Deep Patent Search

You can work with an attorney who is a patent attorney who will do global research for apps that are similar to your application or that have the same functions and flow.

The List of Documents to Patent an Idea for a Mobile App

There’s a ton of paperwork to complete to protect your mobile app concept. It is a list of documents you need to submit to protect your mobile app concept.

  • Pledge/Declaration
  • Entity Status Form
  • Specification
  • Data Disclosure Statement
  • Claims
  • Application Data Sheet (ADS)
  • Drawings
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (for International Filings) (Optional)
  • Expense Sheet
  • Cover Sheet


You’ve completed the basic guide on how you can patent your mobile app ideas that requires a lot of effort and steps to follow.

It is pretty much everything you should know before going ahead to patent your mobile app idea. So, now you know how to plan to patent your mobile app idea. Protect your app idea and bring it to our mobile app developer.

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