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What is Dark mode and why do we need it?

What is a dark mode?

The dark mode is the alternative option for our regular screen display. It displays the UI in the dark display and the text in a lighter color. The dark mode is designed to emit less light. It is better for readability in low lights. It improves visual ergonomics by lessening the strain in your eyes.

Whenever we are using an app we would like to have a dark mode while using it. Recent phones also provide the phone in the dark mode. One of the main reasons people prefer using the dark mode is because it is soothing to the eye instead of white light radiating off it. It adjusts the screen according to your background and the light you are sitting in.

It also saves battery power. You can use your device for a longer period in a dark mode without keeping it on charge. It uses less good power when compared to the regular white mode. You can voluntarily use dark mode. You can switch it off and on at your convenience. The flexibility makes it easier to use. If your phone allows dark mode it could be usually found in settings. If not, it is usually found in in-app settings.

Advantages of Dark mode

  • If your device uses an OLED or AMOLED screen then it will save energy allowing your phone to operate for more time automatically.
  • The dark mode has lighter text on a black background transmitting less brightness on your eyes ultimately reducing the strain. However, a white mode is preferred more for readability by some people.
  • It minimizes the screen glare by reducing the amount of flickering and blue light.
  • At night, dark mode is usually preferred as the infrared rays from light mode disturb the mind before sleeping. You would not be able to sleep soundly and comfortably if you have used your devices or apps on the light mode just before you slept. In many phones, there is an option for night mode. There is a difference between night and dark mode in many phones. If you turn on the night mode, your devices will just adjust brightness and use warmer tones than before.
  • The dark mode helps make users concentrate on the content they are using. It helps in highlighting the content rather than highlighting the whole screen. Light mode often fails in concentrating the users on the content.


If you are making a website or developing an app keep in mind that the preference of people is changing with the evolution of technology. You also want to set an aesthetic of your brand. Some brands would need an aesthetic that can look good in the dark than it would in the light mode. If you have a larger content-driven website it would not be necessary to use a dark mode but if you have specific content that needs to be highlighted dark mode would be your strongest best for captivating your audience’s attention to your content.

The dark mode is still a new area people are exploring. If you feel like you need to incorporate it into your website or app, this would be the best time to do it.

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